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Choosing the Right Therapy

Our clients often have a host of questions when beginning aromatherapy: “How do I choose the right oils?” “What is the best cure for my arthritis?” “What about my husband’s insomnia?” “Can aromatherapy really help my chronic condition?”

There are many issues to take into account when diving into the world of aromatherapy. That’s why at Ally’s AromaRemedies, we develop a unique blend of over 200 essential oils, specially selected to meet your individual needs.

So great is the power of essential oils, that it is vitally important to choose the right combination carefully. We provide years of hands-on experience and knowledge to make sure your aromatherapy experience is as beneficial as possible.


Individualized Service

Ally’s AromaRemedies is a privately-held business located in Chicagoland, IL. Our individualized service allows us to create the customized aromatherapy experience that best fits your specific needs. This personal attention guarantees the use of only the finest ingredients, equipment and techniques to provide a premier natural therapy experience.

At Ally’s AromaRemedies, you’ll begin with an initial consultation via phone or email that will allow us to understand your individual health needs, habits and lifestyle. This will allow us to develop a blend of essential oils that is unique to your personality and specific needs.

It goes without saying that we treat every client’s personal information with the utmost confidentiality and never share or release customers’ details.


Our Signature Blends Suits Your Lifestyle

No time for a preliminary consultation? Test the waters before you dive in by selecting one of our popular pre-blended synergy products. Our exclusive line of synergy blends are formulated to bring out positive life wellness for just about everyone.